Work With Me

Hello there! I see you, wondering if I’m the right therapist or coach for you.

If these describe you:

  • have trouble with accountability toward your goals
  • looking for an outside expert who has been there before to help put systems in place
  • like to make a big life change: traveling, quitting a job, deepening your relationship with those you love, or moving outside your comfort zone
  • doing ok, but want support to get to THAT goal
  • want someone to shake the negative thoughts out of your head & give you support to rewrite the old stories
  • want to join a community of like-minded people who won’t think you’re a freak for having big dreams
  • work best by phone or email

then you should hire me as your coach.

If these describe you:

  • running on fumes or a lifeless slug on the couch in between the bare necessities of running your life
  • can’t cope with your kids’ behavior any more
  • the love of your life just said s/he wants to leave
  • feel like you can’t take the disrespect anymore
  • constantly jittery, worrying about things that never seem to happen
  • your doctor either just dropped a big diagnosis on you (diabetes, cancer, thyroid disease) or said that you need to make major lifestyle changes but you don’t know how
  • every time you talk to your family or partner about these things, the same patterns come up and it’s not helping you get better
  • willing to try but not sure where to start
  • time is slipping through your fingers and you look back, regretful
  • feel awkward, ugly, not quite like you fit into your body, job, or life in general
  • are a Georgia resident

If this list sounds like you, then I can help you best in my role as therapist.