In case you haven’t noticed from my About page, I’m a trained clinical social worker with Malcolm Gladwell’s magical number of hours under my belt. 10,000+ hours, working with thousands of brave souls of all stripes, colors, backgrounds. I can offer you what no other coaches can.

My education as a systemic and macro social worker means that I see the big picture. My experience working with the broken-hearted, the financially wounded, traumatized, antsy, not quite fitting into the social picture people has taught me to value the small moments and many practices of being human.

Most importantly, I see patterns. The threads of your childhood story woven throughout your life. That relationship you thought you’d left behind whispering negativity into your business dreams. Your mama’s “hush up and be a good girl” playing merry havoc with your ability to make shift happen. Your college boyfriend who disappeared without a trace– how dare he?  The hours of procrastination with feel-good Netflix & chill nights, cases of wine, and the gossip rags littering the floor as you try to find meaning.

Or, for the men who might be stopping by… remember when she laughed as you took off your drawers? Or when you felt like you weren’t good enough to ask for what you needed from the Boss and the Wife? Screaming at the kids when you’ve reached the end of your rope? There’s no need to compensate for that by closing your ears to the next lady in your life and working 100+ hours a week. Or to wait for a heart attack before really connecting with your loved ones.

Maybe you’re the sort of person who has all of it together financially, stylistically, and family wise, but you’re feeling… empty. Lonely despite 4500 Facebook friends and who-cares-how-many Twitter followers.

You’re reaching for emotional and mental stability and can’t quite seem to get there. You crave a healthy routine and the ability to have fun happen in your life, but can’t see the possibilities beyond the same old, same old.

This is when I enter the picture. I’m an expert on taking huge leaps into the unknown and overcoming fear, procrastination, and fuzzy thinking. I’m not an expert on your dreams, but I can open you up to possibility again. I can also keep you accountable to your goals with weekly check-ins as you develop that habit.

I offer a 15 minute free call (plus the site!) to see if we’d be a good fit.