Holiday Hope

The holiday season is on us, and soon we’ll flood the roads and airports traveling to see our loved ones for too-small slices of the year.

Will you argue, get drunk, and stew in your childhood bedroom over perceived slights, wasting that $1000 plane ride? Will your spouse awkwardly absorb your anger or tears about the disaster of dinner?

Does the thought of engaging your family on their Trump/Hillary/Johnson/Stein vote fill you with dread?

Or maybe it’s the drowning sensation that you feel trickling down your back when you realize that your parents still think of you as a child–and yet, you have to have the “When you die” conversation with them?

Then there’s the blended family ick that happens–how do you talk to people who are perfectly nice but you don’t know them well enough to feel comfortable?

If you’d like to practice how it will go ahead of time with a seasoned family & couple’s therapist, then you can book your lightning Holiday Hope session now. $60 for 30 minutes. Reassurance, a path to follow through the family minefield, and you won’t leave the gathering filled with regret, again.

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