What is Therapy?

Therapy is the science and art of applying remedies to heal pain.

You are complicated and beautiful.  You are not disorders or diseases. Therapy is allowing space for you, not cramming your amazing self into somebody else’s idea of a life.

Therapy is ALWAYS about you. Your needs. Your journey. Starting from where you are on the path of life, giving you the space to explore mental trails you’d never thought safe before. Teaching you skills to survive the rough tempests of emotion, unraveling those nagging thoughts taunting you when you take a step forward.

Modeling healthy behaviors and expressions for your children & family, if you’ve ever worried that your words and behaviors have affected them negatively. Sometimes, it’s easier for your child to talk to someone who can’t punish them. Decide what you want to work on, talk about, improve, and come talk to me. I won’t promise that I’ll never call you out on your patterns and excuses, but I will always respect your journey.

What are the Risks?

Therapy is hard work. It’s also going to unravel the careful knots you’ve wrapped all over your deepest pain, the fear of not being enough. It may crumble old beliefs that shake your identity.

Improvement is not guaranteed and you’ll only progress as far as your willingness to work. Lucky for you, you’re one of those high performers who hates to waste money. We’ll come to a mutually agreed upon contract where you feel you’re getting your money’s worth.

It’s my job to take a temperature reading of your fear, anxiety, depression, and raise your discomfort level to the point that you’re willing to take steps to change. If I raise it too high, you won’t be able to look at your old stories very clearly, and if I let it always be safe and comfortable, telling the same old stories over and over…. that doesn’t do anyone any good either. That’s what you have friends for, right?

What Will I Get Out of This? 

It depends. What do you need? What are you expecting and hoping for? One of the first things we’ll do is define some goals to work toward. You are in charge of that process too. I said earlier, it’s always about you. I don’t have a wand to wave and fix you/your family’s problems. I simply have experience and knowledge of how people constantly write internal stories that are untrue–and the tools to help you rewrite the story for a happier ending.

Ideally, you’ll come out of this with a greater respect for yourself and tools to continue the journey to a healthy YOU much quicker than you would have alone.

My toolbox consists of: superb diagnostic skills to decide whether you need assistance from your doctor, me, or another professional, many therapy modalities which will unravel your old stories,and clinical expertise.

My training includes: emotionally focused therapy for couples & families, brief strategic family therapy, suicide risk assessment, adolescent and geriatric populations, cognitive behavioral therapy, trauma focused cognitive behavioral therapy, and play therapy.

Who do you work with? 

For therapy, I work with Georgia residents. Coaching is available for out-of-state residents. My preferred clients are these sorts of folks– recognize yourself?

  • families, couples, and individuals tired of fighting
  • high performing men & women running low on emotional fuel
  • wound tightly, struggling with the feeling of never being enough
  • having trouble communicating your needs to family, friends, lovers
  • aching for a true connection with a small group of people and afraid to ask for it
  • drifting through the days in a gray haze, or mixed with bursts of ragged rage
  • confident and strong at work, but crumbling at home  -or-
  • ruling the roost at home but timid at work
  • amped up on stress, Crossfit, and endless lattes–maybe a failed diet or three.

Who do you not work with? 

I don’t work with people who are using illegal substances, who need a court ordered evaluation for anger, DUI, substance use, or custody purposes. I can assess you and refer to a select group of trusted colleagues in that case.
I also do not work with people who are suffering from psychosis–whether from lack of sleep, depression, bipolar, or stimulant induced. You must be functioning in the same plane of reality as most of the population to work with me.

Ways of Working With Me:

I work with individuals, couples, families, and run process & support groups periodically.

In person at my office in Roswell, GA

Online using, a secure videoconferencing tool

Phone support as needed: 678-809-5835



The Initial Assessment is two hours with a treatment plan completed afterward: $250

Individual 60 minute session: $125

Individual 90 minute session: $180.00

Family/Couples 60 minute session:  $150.00

Family/Couples 90 minute session:  $200.00

I accept cash, checks, and credit cards.

Insurance Accepted:

  • Medicare Part B
  • Wellcare-Medicare
  • Aetna
  • Cigna
  • Humana
  • BCBS of Georgia

In Process: Medicaid, Amerigroup, Wellcare-Medicaid, PeachCare, and Care Source.

Even if I am not a provider with your insurance, I will give you a superbill (receipt) for you to give your insurance company. Please contact your insurance company to find out about mental health benefits before scheduling an appointment with me.