Online Therapy Guidelines

Georgia residents ONLY: Please read before booking an appointment for online therapy. This will help you decide if working with me online is right for your situation.

If you don’t live in Oklahoma or Georgia and wish to work with me, check out my coaching page.

Informed Consent Agreement:

Please note that you will be evaluated for the appropriateness of online therapy during our first session. If we find that you are not suitable for online therapy, I will offer face to face services to you & your family if you live in the metro Atlanta area. If you do not live in this area, I will help you find a therapist nearby.

If you meet any of the following conditions, online therapy is NOT appropriate for you:

  • You are actively homicidal/suicidal/psychotic and in need of acute psychiatric hospitalization or emergency crisis services (in which case, please contact the nearest police station or inpatient facility)
  • You have a history of severe emotional/behavioral issues
  • History of multiple psychiatric hospitalizations
  • Presence of severe thought disorder, suicidal, self-harm, and/or self-destructive behaviors
  • You are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, legal or not
  • Severe Addictive behaviors requiring inpatient hospitalization, crisis stabilization, or inpatient detoxification
  • Working through an abusive situation: child, domestic, elder, physical, mental, or sexual abuse.
  • Eating disorders
  • You would be better served face to face due to needing nonverbal cues to effectively heal.
  • You are already receiving counseling services and engaged in a therapeutic relationship with another therapist.

You understand that misrepresenting yourself or your issues will compromise the effectiveness and quality of services with me. You pledge to be honest with me during our sessions, despite the fact that honesty is often painful after years of denial.

You understand that ensuring complete confidentiality over the Internet/phone is not possible, since e-mails and other online transmissions can be intercepted by third parties. You certify that you have a general understanding that there are limits regarding privacy on the Internet. To safeguard privacy and confidentiality on your end, please look into getting your own private firewall:

You understand  the potential limitations of online counseling (the absence of typical nonverbal cues that are part of face-to-face communication such as body language, facial expressions, and/or tone of voice) as well as geographic limitations. In addition, there may be instances when technical difficulties prevent us from working together.

You are over 18 and legally capable of providing consent for yourself or your child. In the event of a divorce proceeding, I will need you to send me photos/ a copy of your divorce decree or have your child’s other parent also sign this agreement.

You understand that I am only licensed as an LCSW in Georgia. I am bound to the ethics of these states’ licensing boards and subject to the laws of these states only. If you live elsewhere, please understand that I will provide life & lifestyle coaching and not therapy. I will help you find therapeutic services near you if you like-at any time.

You understand that online counseling is not traditional therapy in that you meet with a me in a face-to-face office setting, therefore this service is not appropriate for addressing crisis or clinical emergencies. In addition, you understand that this service should only be used for personal, on-line guidance/support, and consultation.

You understand that it is your right as a client to stop online counseling or coaching services at any time. You are free to seek a referral to another therapist if you are unsatisfied with your treatment and may seek face-to- face therapy at any time.